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When adventure meets science

Paititi Research uses geospatial technologies to discover ancient human-made structures in uninhabited jungles of South America. Our goal is to find Paititi—the last refuge of the Incas.
Background image: “Departamento de Cuzco” from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection on the left, Landsat-8 data courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey on the right; licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.


Are you tired of digging some real information about Paititi, the legendary last city of Incas, in the internet and finding more or less the same data regardless which link you click? Do you feel bored following someone on his/her journey into the jungle looking in the end like a search for mushrooms? Just follow us.

Our approach is not only original, we try to research every possible resource, to get a clue out of it and to connect it with modern science of remote sensing and to create a matrix leading us to our final goal: DISCOVERY OF PAITITI.

Until now, NOBODY was able to prove its existence although numerous expeditions tried to do so. There are not only jungles, snakes, and hostile domestic tribes, but also a lack of proper information leading most of the efforts into a backlash and to return. We do not want to repeat all the mistakes of past expeditions and we can assure you that we will take the best of their experiences while leaving the rest. What does it mean for us and for you?

From our point of view, every expedition until now was using just partial knowledge—let it be a legend, a testimony or they were just following rivers and streams hoping to spot IT, and we want to deal with all of them in the same pot. Nowadays we have still another possibility—before going real into the wilderness, we can test our estimations with the help of satellites. It is a hard work but not as hard as going blind. Without mixing apples and pears together, we can estimate which quality is important for us and which not, but believe us: there is no chance to get bored with this job.

Imagine it like setting up a campfire in the middle of nowhere: wood on it is all written experiences of past expeditions, a piece of a newspaper under it is our fantasy, the stars above us are giving us a proper GPS signal and a lighter in your hand makes the only distance to this project. Will you make a zick? We are just inviting you!

Discovering Paititi
Our digging into the history of many attempts to find it
Research Technology
How we apply geospatial science to traditional archaeology
Research in Action
The results we get out of complex study of the territory