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Partners Needed for LIDAR Survey and Helicopter Transport to Paititi Site

Unmanned airplane-type drone equipped with lidar flying over jungles

While awaiting permits and assistance from the Peruvian government, we seek a partner to conduct a LIDAR survey over the suspected location of Paititi. We require an airplane-type drone equipped with LIDAR and capable of autonomous flight for distances exceeding 150 km*. Do you have resources for this cooperation?

We are also seeking a sponsor willing to join our team by covering fuel expenses for a helicopter to transport us to our research area within Manu National Park, Peru. This is a unique opportunity to support exploration. No advance payments are required.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us directly.

* the distance from the potential base to the target area of the survey is roughly 60km and its coverage is 15 square kilometers